These six hours with you changed my life forever! And everyone notices the difference. You were so right about everything; colours, outfits that match, accessories that go, makeup….everything! It changes one’s whole outlook, and it’s really not that difficult!

Besides, you’re a great teacher and what you told me was easy to follow, and remarkably consistent. Also, I could have read thousand books about dressing and not have understood them the way you showed me. I didn’t know there is so much to learn. I really had no idea!

I continue to weed out my wardrobe and free myself from the tyranny of ugly, ill-fitting clothes. I’ve saved hours that would have otherwise been spent trying on clothes that won´t every fit me. I’ve also decided given my past history of black abuse and introducing other colours on my wardrobe, I’m wearing my blues, greens, yellows, reds, whites and the world is a better place for it. I feel alive!! Not to forgot that you teach with the make-up! And I have heard a lot of complement from co-workers and friends.

I am not afraid of going shopping anymore! I know what do I have to look for, and now when I try something on, it fits me!! And that´s what really made the difference!

I always felt as if I was the exception to every fashion rule, that clothes don’t and won’t look good on me, that I shouldn’t wear make-up, and I am so appreciative that you were able to show me that is not the case. I’m hoping the summer will bring enough work to justify hiring you again in the fall to work on my winter wardrobe.

Thank you for everything. Really!!

Ana B. G., Vienna, Austria