I decided to hire a Fashion Consultant to help me make the most of my wardrobe. That´s at least what I thought at the beginning. As with everything, you need to hire the best in their field to get the best service. Well, this is certainly the case with BfB international. They proved to be the best. As I said before, I thought just a few tips on my wardrobe would do, but I was wrong. The session took place in the most pleasant atmosphere, Berta made me feel confortable right from the start, she got to know my needs, my lifestyle, everything she needed to carry out her analysis. I enjoyed it so much and found it so useful, I booked every other service they had at that point. Berta taught me how to maximize my pros, hide my cons, what colours and shapes to wear, what was the best make up…absolutely everything!

Whenever somebody asks me how to describe what she did for me, I just say: «Now I don´t waste a single penny on something I know (because now I know!) I am not going to wear». It is the best-spent money ever! It has made my life so much easier, getting to know myself better, knowing what suits me best- it has given me confidence. I would recommend BfB international to everyone, it is a 100% worth it and it will change your life, believe me.

Melanie Falvey, Londres, Reino Unido