BFB International offers a range of services designed to maximise staff potential and foster more effective leadership in the workplace, both on an individual and corporate level. By understanding personality types and the role personal preferences play in your decision-making processes, you can start to work more effectively.


Maximise staff potential

  • Evaluate the organisation – what role does each person play
  • Identify the priorities – what are their current corporate responsibilities
  • Develop an action plan – present a plan outlining how the company can move forward more effectively


  • The importance of first impression
  • Differences between image, style and appearance
  • Development of personal style
  • How communicate de right message
  • Colour Psychology

Dressing code (etiquette) and protocol

  • Business dress codes
  • Business levels
  • Business protocol
  • Meeting tables
  • How to communicate as a leader

Body language

  • Head to toe body language
  • Facial expressions for professional demeanour
  • Posture positions to project comfort and confidence
  • Paralinguistics: Appropriate voice
  • Proxemics: Interpersonal distances

Personal branding

  • How to build and establish your personal brand
  • The importance of the brand
  • The blocks of the brand
  • Personal values
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Decision making processes
  • Improve efficiency
  • Time management
  • Develop leadership skills

Tools for personal development

MBTI Step I & Step II:

  • Group management: improve communication among team members, identify team strengths and weaknesses, and build action plans to increase global and personal efficiency
  • Leadership development: understand and increase understanding of personality types and leadership skills.
  • Conflict and change management: increase skills to identify the source of conflicts to prevent low efficiency, alterations and disengagement
  • Stress management: increase adaptation, productivity and gives strategies to identify and manage stress triggers
  • Planning a career change: help and lead the election or change of a professional and personal career


  • Leadership management: identify leadership styles and help leaders to improve self and team efficiency through the knowledge of needs and desires
  • Relationships development to assure better understanding among team memebers, and also toward the clients
  • Increase professional development of the employees by self-knowledge to motivate changes, productivity and commitment
  • Conflict management: increase skills to manage different sources of conflicts and apply emotional intelligence strategies


  • BFB International offers an specific and personalized leadership consulting program, where we work directly with each organization to create “the perfect leadership image”, a powerful tool that will transform any leader to be the best

Seminars & workshops

  • BFB International holds personal seminars and regular workshops within professional organisations on image, etiquette and protocol, body language and personal branding