Colour analysis

Rueda de color

Discover your group of colour; find out if you’re a spring, summer, autumn or winter. Learn what colours look the best on you:

  • Colour analysis
  • Clothing and fabric analysis
  • Complements (makeup colours, clothing, or even jewellery) analysis.
  • Make up analysis and testing
  • Swatch delivery (little booklet with your seasonal colours and a brief description of the most suitable accessories)
  • Personalized report

Body and face analysisYour own style

Finding your own personal style not only makes you look good, dressing appropriately and in a flattery style and colour can also increase your confidence. We will help you define your personal style by:

Create your own style:

  • Analysis of your current style
  • Define your body type and identify suitable fabrics
  • Measure your body proportions, define overall pattern proportions
  • Define your type of face – select accessories, eyewear and neckwear
  • Provide a report outlining our evaluation

Wardrobe analysis

armario-dangerNot all trends suit all people. It’s easy to get swept up along with new fashions and also to get stuck in a rut by holding on to a comfortable style, which is no longer appropriate or is unflattering.

Transform your wardrobe:

  • Analyse your wardrobe (discard unsuitable items and identify basic items)
  • Identify an outfit winner (how to mix and match basics) using the previously identified personal swatches
  • Teach you how to accessorise
  • Learn how to combine your clothes; you will have fewer clothes but more combinations

Personal shopper

  • Each of our clients is treated individually, focusing on their lifestyle, budget and needs. We will then efficiently plan our time together to reach your goals
  • We will help you choose the perfect items based on your personal style, shape, colouring and lifestyle
  • We will focus on your personal wardrobe needs
  • We will show you how to interchange outfits and accessories for a complete and polished look

Tools for personal development

  • MBTI Step I & Step II: Understand your personality type; look into your behaviours and learn how to become the best version of yourself
  • FIRO-B: learn how to measure and predict the interaction between you and other people; improve your communications skills

Seminars & workshops

  • BFB International holds personal seminars and regular workshops within professional organisations including universities and business schools on image, etiquette and protocol, body language and personal branding