BFB International works with political parties and political leaders offering a range of services designed to maximise the leader potential and foster a more effective image of the party. By understanding personality types and the role personal preferences play in your decision-making processes, you can communicate the correct message, and the consistency of the party must be taking into consideration for best results.


Maximise staff potential

  • Evaluate the organisation – what role does each person play
  • Identify the priorities – what are their current corporate responsibilities
  • Develop an action plan – present a plan outlining how the company can move forward more effectively


The importance of first impression

  • Differences between image, style and appearance
  • Development of candidate´s personal style
  • Development of party´s style
  • How to communicate de right message
  • Colour Psychology (rallies, television, interviews, etc)

Dressing code (etiquette) and protocol

  • Political dress codes
  • Dressing levels
  • Political protocol
  • How to communicate as a leader

Body language

  • Head to toe body language
  • Facial expressions for professional demeanour
  • Posture positions to project comfort and confidence
  • Paralinguistics: Appropriate voice
  • Proxemics: Interpersonal distances

Personal branding

  • How to build and establish your personal brand as a leader
  • The importance of the party´s brand
  • Values
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Decision making processes
  • Improve efficiency
  • Time management
  • Develop leadership skills

Tools for personal development

  • MBTI Step I & Step II: Understand your personality type; look into your behaviours and learn how to become the best version of yourself
  • FIRO-B: learn how to measure and predict the interaction between you and other people; improve your communications skills
  • Improving communication inside the party: consistent image
  • Methods of managing a team successfully


  • BFB International works with politicians to create “an authentic leadership image”, going through the complete image as well as body language to create a powerful personal brand and a credible party brand