BFB International offers workshops within businesses and professional organisations including universities and business schools and for groups such entrepreneurs and job seekers, to provide professional career advice, orientation and coaching on how to realise professional and personal objectives.


Discover your image

  • Colour analysis based on the seasonal colour theory: discover if you are winter, summer, Autumn or Spring
  • Make up analysis
  • Hair colour analysis

Create your own style

  • Analysis of present style
  • Body and face analysis: identify suitable fabrics
  • Proportions analysis

Wardrobe analysis

  • Analyse your wardrobe (identify basic items and more suitable ones)
  • How to use your swatch
  • How to accessorise
  • How to combine your clothes

Tools for personal development

  • MBTI Step I & Step II: Understand your personality type; look into your behaviours and learn how to become the best version of yourself
  • FIRO-B: learn how to measure and predict the interaction between you and other people; improve your communications skills


Build a consistent image

  • The importance of first impression
  • Differences between image, style and appearance
  • How to communicate the right message
  • The perfect leadership image
  • Colour psychology
  • How to build a corporate image

Define dressing and level codes

  • Business dress codes: when and how to use them
  • Define the level or levels of your organization
  • How to build consistency
  • The importance of the dressing and levels codes in the leadership image

Social and business protocol

  • What are the rules inside social and business protocol
  • Meeting tables
  • The consistency between image and behaviour
  • The importance of behave accordingly, poise

Body language

  • The importance of hearing what isn´t said
  • The consistency between image and body language
  • Handshaking
  • The significance of all gestures
  • Proxemics and Paralinguistics

Personal Branding

  • What is Personal Branding
  • The blocks of Personal Branding
  • The steps to build a Personal Brand
  • Personal Branding of a business

Tools for personal development inside an organisation

  • MBTI Step I & Step II: better understanding of you employees
  • FIRO-B: predict and comprehend the interaction among team members and improve the communication skills
  • Methods of managing a team successfully
  • Build productive teams
  • Learn strengths of the team
  • Learn how to motivate your employees


BFB International also offers customized courses, seminar and workshop to meet the client´s needs and requirements to any type of organisation about image, dressing codes (etiquette), protocol, body language and Personal Branding.